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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sunny Thought Project 2012-13

As 2012 draws to its end, I look back and consider the changes made, the changes still to be made. It was certainly the year of opening our classes' Windows to the World!  It's been a year of regular inquiry into connected learning, network learning and the quest for new collaborations from the global village that is now our planet.

Rather than making predictions for 2013 or lamenting what was not achieved in 2012, I'd like to start the new year by thinking back and building on one of our most successful international projects, actually our first ever, The Sunny Thought Project. It is a project that helped students from the whole planet develop their sense of gratitude for what they have and look on the bright side of their lives.
This year we go on with what we want the FUTURE to be like and it is us the students of today who will shape tomorrow! 
The Sunny Thoughts for the Future Global Project is here, ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome it!

Kostas, Win3

Anastasia, Win3
Winners Education students have already drawn what they will have our planet look like soon!