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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Award nomination from Room 14, Hamilton East, New Zealand

Today Room 14 had their own blog awards ceremony. We have really enjoyed looking at your blog this year. We think you are doing a fabulous job. Thank you for sharing your learning with us.
From Room 14
Hamilton East School

We really appreciate your nomination room 14! We also love your blog and all the great activities you do at your class and school!
Happy holidays!

Υποψηφιότητα του blog μας για βραβείο καλύτερου δίγλωσσου blog!
Γειά σας,
Σήμερα η τάξη 14 έδωσε βραβεία για το καλύτερο blog. Περάσαμε τέλεια κοιτάζοντας το blog σας εφέτος.
(το σχολικό έτος στη Νέα Ζηλανδία και την Αυστραλία τελειώνει τον Δεκέμβριο)
Νομίζουμε ότι κάνετε εξαιρετική δουλειά. Σας ευχαριστούμε που μοιράζεστε αυτά που μαθαίνετε μαζί μας.
Τάξη 14
Hamilton East School

Το εκτιμούμε πολύ που μας διαλέξατε τάξη 14! Και σε εμάς αρέσει πολύ το blog σας και όλες οι τέλειες δραστηριότητες που κάνει η τάξη και το σχολείο σας! 
Καλές διακοπές!


  1. Hi Effie and to you your class. I am visiting this blog from the link that was posted in skype and am having a great time reading what you have been doing and looking at the busy sidebars full of information. I teach in a small rural school in Western Victoria Australia. Most of our students live on farms - mainly sheep but some cattle and dairy. We have prep to year 12 students - aged 5 through to 18 year olds. Hope you all have a happy Christmas? Do you get holidays over the Christmas and New Year period?

  2. Hi Murcha,
    How great to see you visiting us!
    We're happy your like our blog!
    We hope we can connect and blog together
    with you and your students.
    Our school holidays last for 2 weeks.
    We stop on 22.12 and start again on 09.01.
    When's your winter break?
    Love from
    Bumper Class
    (9-11 years-old/1st year English lessons)