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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Zealand Lunch by Hamilton East School, New Zealand

Παίρνουμε μεσημεριανό στις 12.30μμ. Τρώμε έξω. Το καλοκαίρι καθόμαστε κάτω από την σκιά ενός δέντρου και τον χειμώνα απολαμβάνουμε τον ήλιο στη βεράντα.
Μετά το φαγητό παίζουμε έξω μέχρι τις 1.25μμ.
Αν θέλουμε μπορούμε να αγοράσουμε φαγητό στο σχολείο, που μας το φέρνουν από μια κοντινή καφετέρια.
We eat lunch at 12:30pm. We eat outside. In summer we sit in the shade of a tree and in winter we sit in the sun on the deck.
After we have eaten we play outside until 1:25pm
We can buy lunch from school if we want to. The food is provided by a local cafe.


  1. Hello Hamilton East,
    I loved your presentation and slideshow. You have very healthy lunches!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Effie Kyrikakis

  2. Hello,
    We like that you eat fruit and we would love it if you could send us a photo of your tree when you are having lunch. We think it must be VERY big!!!
    Thanks a lot
    WinnErS Win2 Class

  3. Hi,
    We like it that you eat under the tree and that you buy lunch from a cafe. Please send us photos of your school and town.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Write soon,
    WinnErS Class Win1b

  4. Hi!
    We will definitely take a photo of us eating our lunch for you so you can see the Oak tree. Do you know 4 classes can fit in the shade of the tree? It is massive.
    We created a blog post about our school. You might like to have a look so you can see it too -

    We think lunch in Greece looks so delicious. It would be great if we could fly to have lunch with you.
    From your friends in Room 14
    Hamilton East School
    New Zealand

  5. Hi again,
    We looked at your blog and saw your school. It's great with so many trees around! Which one is the Oak tree you have lunch at?
    Oh, and congratulations for your nomination. We voted for you!
    Winners Win1 Class

  6. Hi!
    Thanks so much for voting for us. Room 14 is really proud of ourselves. Did you know you can vote everyday until December 13th?
    Thank you for reminding me I need to take a photo of the Oak Tree for you! I will do it for you on Wednesday.
    From Anna
    Room 14
    Hamilton East School